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Design, test and perfect your ideas in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. Whether you’re prototyping a part for functionality testing or validating your design concept, 3D printing gives you the freedom to create more iterations in the same amount of time. Simulate organic materials like leather and wood. Pick and print color with confidence thanks to Pantone matching built in. Perfect your design earlier in the process – all the while eliminating long lead times.

Get to market faster.

3D printing can cut weeks from your development cycles while delivering better results. Smart materials mean more realistic prototypes that look as good as the final part – exact texture match, durable materials, and real functionality for testing. Faster design gets you to market quicker, boosting your competitive advantage and ultimately improving your bottom line.

Edit on the fly.

Identifying potential issues ahead of manufacturing and making fluid design iterations is simple with 3D printing. Advanced FDM from GrabCAD Print software integration lets you make real changes easily – use geometry-targeted tools to adjust surface thickness or size without compromising strength. Then print directly from CAD without converting files, and without upsetting the production schedule.

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Make better design decisions.

Faster working helps cut costs across the board while helping you make better design decisions. No need to rely on 2D renders or basic models to validate your designs. Put your ideas in the hands of the customers, all with unmatched realism. Produce a CMF Design Model in 10% of the time and at 15% of the costs than traditional High-Fidelity Models. Meaning more iterations and a better final product.


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