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Choose a 3D printer that can match your ambitions. Stratasys systems work with industrial-grade materials that provide the flexibility, performance and reliability you need. Reduce lead times, cut costs, and boost production line efficiency. It’s time to reimagine what’s possible.

From the assembly floor to quality control.

3D printing benefits everyone on your manufacturing floor, creating streamlined processes and better supply chains. Our versatile materials have been used to print parts that perform across the board, maximizing production and innovation. Let us know your vision and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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Surrogate Parts

Machine try out parts for testing new processes and line development of new models.

Welding and Paint

End of Arm Tooling in Robotics

Light-weighting frames and details enabling smaller, faster robots.

Diagram of Electrical Housing component

Health & Safety

Specialty tooling designed to aid worker safety and address ergonomic issues in the production environment.

Diagram of Electrical Housing component


Tooling for the assembly process, aiding workers to align, lift and hold parts during assembly.

Spanner and screwdriver icon

Prototype Tooling

Tooling used in early phases of developing manufacturing processes.

Diagram of Electrical Housing component

Quality Control

Tooling to aid in the inspection and QC process. Including specialty cradles, nests, measurement aides and Go/No-Go inspection tools.

Building a car

Flexibility to innovate

3D print your own tools, jigs and fixtures on-site when you need them – with specifications defined by the job, not manufacturing limitations. Experiment with more efficient manufacturing ideas, alter designs on the fly, and switch seamlessly between industrial-grade printing materials. All of it lets you take control and reduce process time by up to 65%.

Changing a wheel

Customized safety.

Reduce workplace injuries with customizable guards and lightweight holding devices. Jigs and fixtures are easier to move – cutting the risk of repetitive strain injury for operators. And they are 3D printed using materials than can stand up to the rigors of a harsh production environment.

Stay ahead of the competition

Always stay one step ahead of the competition with 3D printing. Meet orders with rapid turnaround, tailor your tools to meet customer specifications, and do small production runs without sacrificing technician efficiency or your own bottom line. You’re no longer dependant on suppliers – which means you can get to market faster.

3D printed tool

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